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  UNAC Statement on the Situation in Ukraine and Venezuela

Confederate flag and fascist symbols go up at Kiev City Hall 

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 Malalai Joya Completes Successful Tour of the U.S.

Malalai Joya: A Woman Among Warlords, Prospects for Afghan Women and Non-intervention in my Country.

Co-sponsored by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC) and the Afghan Women’s Mission (AWM), Afghanistan’s leading antiwar, social justice and women’s rights activist, Malalai Joya, toured ten U.S. cities and spoke at some 65 events in the course of her October 1 - 27, 2013 national tour.  For a complete report with pictures and videos, please click here.

Drop the charges against Palestinian-American leader, Rasmea Odeh.
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Palestinian-American community activist and beloved womens’ rights advocate Rasmea Yousef Odeh is battling an immigration charge that carries a possible 10 year prison sentence.

 UNAC's Response to Obama's 9/10/13 Speech on Syria

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No U.S. War on Syria! U.S. Hands  off Syria! No New U.S. Wars! Bring the Troops and War Dollars Home Now! Money for Jobs, Education and Health Care Not War! 




No Stadium in Shockoe Bottom! Defend Richmond's African History!

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Three UNAC leaders were part of the 31 member anti-drone delegation to Pakistan this month, which was organized by Code Pink. We caravanned with Pakistani politician Imran Khan to the borders of Waziristan in the tribal areas to rally against drones, met with family members of drone victims and had meetings with supporters of Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani woman who is a political prisoner in the U.S. and with anti-war and progressive groups in Pakistan. Below are reports from Joe Lombardo, Judy Bello and Leah Bolger.
Click here for a report of the trip by Joe Lombardo, UNAC co-coordinator: http://nepajac.org/pakistantrip.html

Reports from Judy Bello of Fellowship of Reconciliation, the Upstate New York Coalition to Stop the Drones and End the Wars and UNAC Administrative Committee member can be found on her blog, http://blog.papillonweb.net/ or the Upstate Action Blog, http://blog.upstatedroneaction.org/

   Click here for a report from Leah Bolger, President of Veterans for Peace and UNAC Administraive Committee member.

  click here for a video of our rally near the border with Waziristan.

Thousands Protest NATO in Chicago

May 20th protest

Led by Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, 15,000 people took to the streets of Chicago to protest on May 20, the opening day of the NATO summit. The demonstration was the largest antiwar demonstration in the U.S. in several years. The mass demonstration was the culmination of a week of activity against NATO and the G8 summits. Both summit meetings were originally planned for Chicago, but as protest organizing gained momentum, the G8 summit was moved to Camp David while the NATO summit was reduced to only two days from the week long summits originally planned.

Click for a full report on the May 20 demonstration, the People's Summit and other protest activity, click here.

               the People's Summit                     


fromClick here for a report on the converence from the Stamford, CT Advocate

Well over 500 antiwar, social/economic justice, environmental, and  civil rights activists attended the United National Antiwar Coalition’s (UNAC) second national conference in Stamford, CT, March 23-25, 2012.  

For a complete report on the conference and the text of the resolution on Iran, click here.

Click here to hear Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report speak on The Real News Network about the UNAC conference


October 15 protests held around the country on the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan were a big success. Click here for a report.
Thousands March in New York and San Francisco to protest the wars
on Iraq and Afghanistan on April 9, 2011

A war movement is our goal. The new antiwar movement needs to oppose the US foreign wars but also defend the domestic victims of the “war on terror,” the Muslims who are being attacked. It must connect to dots between the money spent on war and the attacks on unions and cuts to education and needed programs. This is what these demonstration on April 9 and 10 did.

Thousands Demonstrate

in New York on April 9 and April 10 in San Francisco. These demonstrations represented an important step forward for UNAC and the antiwar movement as a whole. The antiwar movement has been in a lull since before the election of Barak Obama as many hoped the change in administration would mean an end to the wars. We are now in a rebuilding phase and UNAC has made it clear that the rebuilding of a new


Major gains were made in bringing together the antiwar movement and important section of the Muslim community who are ready to come out in opposition to war and to Islamophobia. The large number of Muslims who were present including the leadership of the Muslim community in New York said to the world, Muslims are for peace not terror and they are ready to join with non-Muslims and fight back against the Islamophobia that is growing in the US. Much of the Muslim participation was organized by the newly formed Muslim Peace Coalition, USA, which partnered with UNAC in building the demonstrations. In New York, the Muslim Leadership Council of Metropolitan New York and the Islamic Circles of North America (ICNA) co-sponsored the demonstration.


Other communities also join our rallies including significant South Asian, Latino, Pilipino and Black organizations. The rallies were diverse and youthful. This the new face of the antiwar movement.


April 9th saw 10,000 people march and rally in New York City and 3,000 in San Francisco.


Demonstration took place in other parts of the world in solidarity (see reports below).

Full video of all speakers in New York

Pictures of SF rally

Some foreign TV coverage of the NY rally

Fair and Accuracy in Reporting: article on corporate media, April 9 and the Tea Party (please signe the FAIR petition)

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A million march in Iraq to tell US to get out

Click here of a report of April 9 in Pakistan

Click here for a report from the NY Times of April 9 in Iraq

Click here for a report of April 9 in Canada

0 Imams from the New York area call for people to come out for April 9/10 and for an end to war, attacks on Muslims, immigrants and unions. Click here to see the statement and the signers.


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